Celebrating 9 Years!


Living Edge can be your guide in planning a small intimate gathering or a big eye popping blowout event. With our well connected team consisting of performers, entertainers, decorators, DJ’s, caterer.  The list is incredible.

Participating in major trade shows is an important activity for business’. This is quite an effective way of getting new clients and building a rapport with the existing clients.

Living Edge has the blueprint for producing, planning, and running an amazing event.

Living Edge participation creates that "WOW" factor in your event. We enthuse, amaze, persuade, and unite a group for the purpose of you getting noticed, recognized or celebrated. The execution should be a memorable moment for your business or that of your life. Planning and Executing the Event is both an inspired, unique venture and one that requires the highest care in production and attention to details and intricate parts. We require persistent perseverance on the quality of obtaining a high standard.  We depend on the artistic and organizational skills of the team, working closely with our customers in creating the event, planning it, selecting all of its fundamentals down to the last detail, and of course we make it all happen.


  • Grand Opening
  • Launch Parties
  • Tradeshows
  • Seminars
  • Weddings

We will help you produce a show that will create the “IT” factor about you and your business

The must have, gotta have, want to have YOU!